Your Health and Fitness 2023


Having a fall can be devastating! Here are some questions you can ask yourself if I am likely to fall.

• Do I exercise regularly?

• Is my home safe?
• Am I cautious?
• What kind of footwear am I wearing?
• Do I have my medications reviewed on a regular basis?
• Do I have a medical alert service?

Don’t miss out on what is happening around you due to hearing loss! Now a days there are so many easy solutions to help you enjoy the beautiful sounds you are missing!

There are four levels of deafness or hearing impairment:

1. Mild deafness or mild hearing impairment A person may have trouble understanding what people around them are saying. This is particularly true if there is a lot of background noise.
2. Moderate deafness or moderate hearing impairment Usually at this level of hearing in order to follow along with a conversation, hearing aids are needed.
3. Severe deafness
A severely deaf person must use sign language or lip-read in order to communicate.
4. Profound deafness
This means that a person cannot hear anything at all and must use sign language, lip read, or writing to communicate.